Study In UK

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Netherlands and Wales. Every country has cosmopolitan cities, towns and countryside villages. The UK has 5,00,000 students enrolling each year internationally.  

Why Study In UK

The UK is a popular student destination for students in streams like literature, science and technology, medicine, etc. with an annual enrollment of above 500,000 international students.

  • Academic Excellence

    With four countries with well structured higher education systems and many acclaimed universities, some even dating back to many centuries located all through the kingdom, UK offers 50000 undergraduate level courses in its 395 universities and colleges.

  • Cost

    The courses in the UK have shorter durations which significantly reduces the cost. Study expenses vary with the course and college and are normally higher for students outside the European Union.

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships are available for International students studying in the UK, which may fully or partially cover your living expenses. There is great competition for these scholarships and are usually availed based on your previous academic performance. Some of the top scholarships in the UK include the Chevening Scholarships, Euraxess UK, the Commonwealth Scholarships, the Royal Society Grants, and the scholarships from the top UK universities.

  • Post-Study

    A post-study work permit of two years is availed for students graduating from accredited universities. This helps the students to find good career opportunities in the Kingdom itself and later reside there.