Immigrate To Australia

A world-class living, academics, and career opportunities, and an excellent public health care system make the country a heaven for aspiring immigrants Australia follows a point-based system based on the applicants qualifications, experience, and other factors and the category of resident/work permit issued depends on these points.

Australia Immigration

At Secured way, our primary focus is on work visas under the subclasses 189, 190, and 491 of the General skilled migration (GSM) program which intakes residents based on their occupational skill set and experience. Under this, a foreign professional between 18-45 years of age and has relevant experience and certification in any of the occupations listed in the country’s skilled occupation list is eligible to apply for residence. The applicant must have secured 65 points or above in the GSM skill test for their particular trade.

  • Subclass 189

    Processing time: 6-12 months.
    It offers permanent residence status for skilled migrants without the sponsorship of an employer, family member, or state.

  • Subclass 190

    Processing time: 10-14 months.
    This is the program under which a state can sponsor a skilled worker. The applicant has an option to choose any state if they wish to and submit the additional immigration documents required by that state.

  • Subclass 491

    Processing time: 10-14 months.
    It is a five-year-long resident permit for skilled workers to live and seek employment in a designated regional area of the country. This type of residence needs the sponsorship of a state or an eligible relative living in that area. Three years of being in the permit, you can apply for a permanent residence ship.