Grenada Investment Visas

Grenada is a set of tiny Caribbean islands Northeast of Venezuela is known as the ’Isle of spice’ owing to its cultivation and production of nutmeg and maze. With exotic beaches and farms, Grenada is a rising tourist destination in the Caribbean with an area of 348.5 KM² and a population of just 111,454 people.

Get Citizenship By Investment

The citizenship by investment program is introduced by the Government of Grenada to attract foreign investment to the country. A Grenadian passport gives its owner visa-free access to 143 world countries including UK and China and direct access to the USA market via an E2 investor visa. One of the main perks of the Citizenship by investment program of Grenada is that they even allow to include unmarried dependent siblings as a family in the application which is rarely done in such programs worldwide.

Investment Option

There are two types of investment options accepted under the program.

First is a non-refundable donation to the National Transformation funds worth 100,000 USD if the application is for a single individual and 200000 USD for an application including the Investor, Spouse, and two children.

The second option is to have a Real estate investment in the country. The investor should purchase shares worth 350000 USD in any of the government-approved projects, which can only be sold after a period of five years. The applicant will earn a return on these invested shares even if there no ongoing projects in addition to TRN, an important document to apply for E2 investor Via to the USA.