Investor Visa

Wealthy Investors who can contribute to the economy are welcomed by all countries

As part of attracting foreign investment and wealthy individuals who can contribute to the country’s economy, many world-countries now offer schemes under which an individual can acquire citizen of the particular country for themselves and family members by investing the specified amounts in the government approved projects in that country.

Secured Way is here to help you with the process of immigration via investment to these world nations.

Countries Allowing Investor Visa


Canada is one of the top-chosen destinations for immigration, especially by investors from many countries owing to the fast pace of development and stability of the economy.

USA EB-5 Program

The US EB-5 program is one of the most sought after and complex of such schemes around the world. It offers residence permits and later citizenship for investors who can invest 500000 USD or more in the country.

Australia Investment Visas

Being world-famous for its tourist destinations, educational sector, and industries, Australia has five different steams to apply for citizenship under the citizenship by investment scheme.

Grenada Investment Visas

The citizenship by investment program is introduced by the Government of Grenada to attract foreign investment to the country. A Grenadian passport gives its owner visa-free access to 143 world countries including UK and China and direct access to the USA market via an E2 investor visa. One of the main perks of the Citizenship by investment program of Grenada is that they even allow to include unmarried dependent siblings as a family in the application which is rarely done in such programs worldwide.

Antigua & Barbuda

With tourism being the mainstay of the economy with a GDP of $1.579 Billion for of population of just 91,295 people the country welcomes foreign investment in many different industrial sectors including tourism to boost economic growth. Any investor who is willing to spend a capital of USD 130,000 for a family of 4 or a Real Estate Investment of 200,000 USD and an additional fee for covering government procedures is eligible to apply for the Citizenship by Investment Program established in 2013.