Immigrate To Ireland

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service of Ireland takes care of all the Immigration/Visa related matters. Immigration to the country is a very strict and long process. 

Immigrate To Ireland

Any individual who does not belong to the countries of European Union needs a visa to the country. Also, as Ireland does not belong to the Schengen area, the Schengen rules and regulations do not apply to the country. Types of visas include:

  • Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit

    It is the resident/work permit for the dependents specified categories of Irish work permit holders.

  • General Employment Permit

    The Visa is allotted for non-EU foreign nationals who are offered a job in the country with an annual pay of €30,000 or more.

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit

    It is a work-based resident permit given to individuals employed in an occupation that pays €60,000 annually OR with a €30,000 annual pay and is listed on Ireland's Highly Skilled Occupations List.

  • Irish Start-up Entrepreneur Program Visa

    It provides a long-term resident permit to entrepreneurs who have a new/innovative product/service to be supplied to the international market and is ready to invest at least €75,000 in the country for the same.