Study In Canada

One right decision transforms your career and hence your future. Canada is one such big decision. Its being an all time favorite study destination for students from around the globe. 

Why Study In Canada

Being the world’s most educated country with more than half of its population are graduates, Canada has a world-class higher education system. The main attraction factor for international students in Canada is the comparatively low course fee when compared to other top educational destinations.

The quality of education attracts international students to Canada from around the globe with over 600,000 enrolled in various institutions in the country in 2020. Another attraction to study in Canada is that a Canadian degree can boost the CRS points and hence aids in the immigration process.

  • Academic Excellence

    The accreditation and quality management of Universities in Canada differ as per the higher education policies of the different Canadian provinces. It can be either done by the provincial government, a recognized agency, an organization representing universities, or conjointly by them.

  • Cost

    Canada offers one of the lowest and affordable course fees among the top educational destinations. A regular graduate course in Canada can cost between 20,000 CAD and 30,000 CAD annually. This can differ with the stream of study and institute.

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships for international students in Canada are limited and mostly availed at the PG level. Hence the competition is high for the same. These grants are availed mostly based on academic excellence while there are a few which assess the candidate's ability and work experience.

  • Post-Study

    After graduation, you can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) with validity from eight months to three years depending on the candidate’s qualification. The application for it should be submitted within 180 days of publishing the final result, provided the study visa has not expired before these 180 days and the applicant has not been availed the PGWP before.