Australia Investment Visas

As a way of encouraging more foreign investment, Australia offers numerous investment-based visas for foreign nationals to use in order to come to the country and develop commercial enterprises and investments.

Get Citizenship By Investment

Australia’s permanent investment visa is called the 888 Visa.But before qualifying for the 888 Visa, the investor must first receive the 188 Visa. The 188 Visa is for temporary residence and is granted to a foreign investor who qualifies for immigration under one of the three sub-categories of business innovation, business investment, or qualification as a significant investor.

The 188 Visa requires the investor to be under the age of 55 at the time of making the application, to have a detailed plan to establish a business through investment or investing in an existing business, and to achieve at least 65 points based on the investor’s age, English Language proficiency, educational background, business experience, previous innovative business activities, and whether the investor obtains a special endorsement from the nominating state or territory. Once investors meet the qualifications for the 188 Visa, they are issued visas that are valid for 4 years. At the conclusion of the visa period, the investors may apply for the permanent Business 888 Visa.

To qualify for the Business 888 Visa, the investor must meet one of two criteria; first, that the investor has maintained continuous ownership interest in an Australian business, that the investor possesses a net value of at least $600,000A and that the business employs Australian nationals. Or second, the investor may prove that the investor has made an investment in connection with the 188 visa and has sustained the investment for a minimum of four years.