Invest In Antigua & Barbuda

Being the ninth largest country in the Caribbean and lined with serene beaches and rain forests Antigua & Barbuda is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. With tourism being the mainstay of the economy with a GDP of $1.579 Billion for of population of just 91,295 people the country welcomes foreign investment in many different industrial sectors including tourism to boost economic growth.

Citizenship By Investment

Any investor who is willing to spend a capital of USD 130,000 for a family of 4 or a Real Estate Investment of 200,000 USD and an additional fee for covering government procedures is eligible to apply for the Citizenship by Investment Program established in 2013. The citizenship procedures are real quick when compared to other countries and take less than 5 months, 3-5 months on average and the country allows dual citizenship as well. The passport of Antigua & Barbuda is recognized by most of the world nations and allows you to travel visa-free to 150 countries.


  • No tax on global income.

  • No requirement for language or experience.

  • Fasttrack processing within 3-5 months.

  • Immediate family members who can be dependents of the investor include children under 26 years, and parents /grandparents over 65 years, unlike many other countries where children above legal maturity age and parents are not considered immediate family.

  • The applicant can complete the application process from anywhere in the world, not necessarily travel to the country for it.

  • No screening based on Educational qualifications or personal interview.

  • Duty-free trading in the Caribbean and visa-free travel to 150 countries.